Did You Have an Imaginary Friend?
Children are always coming up with creative ways to keep themselves entertained. They make up scenarios, their own games and their own rules from time to time. I think most people growing up had an imaginary friend. I know I did, I actually had two...
Take a Smile Break
Sometimes it is just fun to stop along the way and splash in a puddle. We all need people in our lives who allow us that privilege. Check out these to friends who obviously let each other be themselves.
You Know The Kids Are Making Fun of us, Right?
It's the first workday after a long holiday weekend and I must admit that I've spent a bit more time than usual just perusing the web rather than doing the work I need to get done.
While I passed on anything even remotely connected to the the Kimye wedding(yawn), didn't want to read yet another theor…

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