As you probably know by now, I'm a baseball fan.  It's my favorite sport to play and watch.  I love everything about it.

I am also a Yankees fan.  I like all baseball but I'm a Yankees fan though and through.

One of the greatest to ever play the position of short stop is #2, Derek Jeter.

He played for the Yankees for an astounding 20 years.  Playing for the same team for that long is almost unheard of but he did it and did it better than almost everyone else in the game.

Yesterday he was voted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.  I couldn't be happier and yet a bit perplexed.

Mariano Rivera was inducted last year by everyone that cast votes yet Derek who in my option, was a better player all around only got 99% of the votes.  That means that one person thought he wasn't Hall of Fame material.  Or, he thought he shouldn't make it his first year.  Or possibly he was a Red Sox or Mets fan.

Whatever the case, Jeter is going to Cooperstown.

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