For years, pizza lovers of the Hudson Valley begged to get a "One Bite" review. Well, it finally happened, kind of.

A few years ago the mastermind behind Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, started reviewing pizzas all over the United States. The tag line "One bite, everybody knows the rules" then took over every single food review your friends posted on social media.

Obviously, the tristate area is a hotspot for a great slice but Portnoy never made the trip up to the Hudson Valley for a pizza review. If we're being honest, the Hudson Valley strength is not pizza. It's 1000% apples and apple cider donuts.

With that being said, Portnoy took to the Hudson Valley on Monday, November 1st. According to El Presidente, he was at "Griger Farms" (we're pretty sure he meant Greig Farm in Red Hook. Thankfully, Portnoy's girlfriend Silvana Mojica tagged them in Red Hook on Instagram to clear that up) doing a little apple picking in the perfect apple picking jacket.

We all know there's a certain way to pick a Hudson Valley apple and Portnoy has it down pat. In the "One Bite" video, which you can watch below, Portnoy finds a blemished apple takes a bite, and then promptly throws it on the ground.

Excellent form.

He then declares that the apple he tasted was not "bag worthy," but finds an apple that he gives a 9.9 to put in the bag.

Our apples are top-notch, but to be fair we do have pretty great pizza. Next time Portnoy is in town, what pizza place should he review?

Barstool is no stranger to the region. Back in early 2021, the Barstool Fund brought relief to New Windsor bar, Irish Eyes. The fund gave the bar $100,000 to help get them back on their feet after the COVID-19 lockdown.

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