There's no better feeling then seeing that one of our local Hudson Valley businesses getting help from some of the big boys.

When I saw this story, I kind of "fan boy'd" out a bit, as I'm a big fan of the work that Dave Portnoy and the folks over at Barstool Sports do everyday, and when I saw that they were helping a place right here in the Hudson valley I had to share the news.

If you don't know, Barstool Sports is a website for people like me to check out for just about everything sports, they cover all of it, from "shady" athlete's and all the nasty things they do, to who they think you should bet on this week in the NFL. Some of their stuff is really well done. Yes they've had some issues over the years when it comes to the publics perception of them, but when it comes to do something good, they have gone all in with the Barstool Fund.

The fund was started by the Barstool's El Presidente Dave Portnoy, who made a push online to help out struggling businesses all across the country. To start the fund he personally donated a ton of cash and asked followers to do the same. I think when it started he wanted to raise a few million dollars and real quick his goal was crushed. All different athletes, musicians, and companies started to donate and at last check the fund was over $30 MILLION.

Part of that amazing number is being awarded to the Irish Eyes Pub in New Windsor, located at 2956 Rte 9W. Earlier this week Barstool's made the call to let the owners of the bar know that they're going to receive part of a $100,000 donation thanks to Coors Light and the Barstool Fund.

The daughter of the owner of Irish Eyes, Ava Sabini, wrote in to tell her story. She talked about how her mom, Jane McMahon opened up Irish Eyes Pub and Restaurant in 2003 and how they've been devastated by the COVID-19 shutdowns. In here submission she wrote that her mom has battled through having COVID herself and still has been able to keep the bar open, but now, she wrote, "We have no choice but to sell our home, and move into a condominium. I am asking you for help because our Governor has left us with no other options. My parents raised us girls to work for everything we have at a young age however even the freedom of making a living has been taken from us." You can read the full submission, and watch Dave make the call to let Ava and her family know they are getting some help here.

It's great to see a Hudson Valley business getting a chance to be on the receiving end of some help. You can can help to, if you're ever in the New Windsor area stop by or order some takeout from Irish Eyes. If you would like to contribute to the Barstool Fund you can do that here.

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