One thing we've learned in the last year or so, is that we don't like conflicting reports. This time around it's not from political pundits. It's from rodents of the public figure variety.

As I'm sure many of you know, today is Ground Hogs Day. Traditionally, Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog comes out of his cage to see if he sees his shadow indicating whether or not there will be 6 more weeks of winter or early spring.

After the whopper of a snowstorm this week, I'm pretty sure the Hudson Valley was hoping for an early spring.

However, during the virtual groundhogs day celebration in Pennsylvania, The NY Post reports Punxsutawney saw his shadow indicating 6 more dreadful weeks of winter.

But with that, we need to bring up New Yorks's own Staten Island Chuck.

According to reports, Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow which means the New York rodent is predicting an early spring.

Where did this tradition come from where we trust what groundhogs have to say about the future forecast? History.Com shares that the first Groundhog Day was celebrated back in 1877 and it comes from old Christian traditions.

Before a groundhog was calling the shots, there was a ceremony in Germany and a hedgehog predicting the forecast for the next few months.

Glad to see we've made some improvements.

Are you happy about Phil's prediction of 6 more weeks of winter? Or are we sticking with our boy Staten Island Chuck's prediction of early spring?

I'm going with Chuck on this one.


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