Last week we were hit with some hard news in Dutchess County. The popular fast food chain Sonic, located in Wappingers Falls, had been closed. Bummer.

If I'm being honest I never ate there. However, I once had a bite of their Chicago style hot dog and it changed my hot dog views. Chicago style hot dogs are unique in that they basically have everything on it but the kitchen sink. It's a poppy-seed bun, with an all beef hot dog, topped with white onions, peppers, pickles, celery, relish, tomato slices and yellow mustard. Yeah, it's loaded.

Anyway, Sonic happened to make these Chicago Dogs particularly well...well at least for being outside of Chicago. Now it's my mission to find the best Chicago style Hot Dogs in the Hudson Valley.


I've done some research, naturally, and have found some locations that may be able to help a girl out.

Dallas Hot Wieners, Kingston/Saugerties/Lake Katrine: I have a feeling the Dallas hot Wiener is very similar to the Chicago Style dog. Something about that secret sauce...

Smith Street Hot Dogs, Poughkeepsie : The folks at Smith Street know how to make a good hot dog, but I can't seem to find a menu online. Is it safe to assume they'll make a killer Chicago Style dog?

Noshi's Coney Island, Poughkeepsie: This is the only place that I've found that has a Chicago style Hot Dog on their menu. It looks like they follow tradition for the most part. There are no mentions of peppers and tomato's... Couldn't hurt to ask for them added on right?

Today I start my mission. I will find that Chicago Style Hot Dog in the Hudson Valley before it's no longer hot dog season. Who eats hot dogs in winter? Know where to get the best Chicago Dog in New York? Let us know on Facebook!


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