Out of all of the food combinations that exist I don't believe their is a better match then macaroni and cheese. The pasta shape with melted cheese smothering every surface of the noodles has to be the best culinary combo ever. And now you can get it so fancy with things like crab, lobster or even filet minion mixed in to the ooey gooey bowl of goodness.

Today happens to be National Mac and Cheese Day. The day we should enjoy Mac and Cheese guilt free even if the calories aren't free. I  was recently on my way to party with a friend and we were talking about people who have made dietary choices like being vegan or gluten free. And that is when they informed me they were ooey gooey.. After I stopped laughing I asked what that meant and they said it means I only eat thing that are ooey gooey.

So today enjoy National Mac and Cheese day like you are ooey gooey. Try it at Terrapin, Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steak House or Ship to Shore.

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