Putnam County health officials are warning residents about a cat that has tested positive for rabies.

Most of us are well aware that rabies is a fatal but preventable viral disease and when we hear about an animal having the deadly disease most times it is an animal like a raccoon, a skunk, or possibly a squirrel, not an animal like what was discovered in Putnam County, NY.

Putnam County Department of Health
Putnam County Department of Health

Cat With Rabies in Putnam County, New York

A feral cat that was found in the Peekskill Hollow Road and Tinker Hill Road section of Putnam Valley last week has reportedly tested positive for rabies according to the Putnam County Department of Health (PCDH). The unowned cat was discovered on February 3rd and when it was turned in it was exhibiting neurological signs that are oftentimes associated with rabies so the folks at PCDH had it safely transported to an area veterinarian for an examination.

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The health department worked along with the veterinarian and after the examination, it was determined that the cat needed to be tested for rabies. Once the testing was completed it took a few days for the results and according to PCDH it was "lab-confirmed positive" on February 8th. With a positive test result, the PCDH is now asking residents who may have come into contact with this cat to call their office 24/7 at 845-808-1390 to determine if they may require any post-exposure treatment.

Putnam County Department of Health
Putnam County Department of Health

Second Confirmed Case of Rabies

Health officials said that this is the second confirmed case of rabies in Putnam Valley this year and reminded residents that strange behavior in an animal could be a sign of rabies including an animal acting unusually aggressive or tame, excited, irritable, or lethargic. They also reminded pet owners to keep their pets up to date on rabies vaccinations and avoid contact with all wild animals.

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