Did we just ruin candy corn for everyone?

As we get close to Halloween we have spent a bunch of time talking about candy on the CJ in the morning show. Candy we love, candy we hate and Jess and I realized that we both have very different tastes, unless we are talking about candy corn. We both love it!!!

When we mentioned on the air that we both love the corn, we got a message from Heather who told us that she could make it so that Jess and I never EVER eat another piece of the small sweat treat again.

She called us up and told us to get 4 cups of water, add salt to one, add vinegar to one, add baking soda to one and leave one with just water. So we got all of our ingredients together and started the experiment.....

AWFUL!!! Heather wasn't lying, I am definitely gonna have a hard time eating candy corn next time. NAH, I wont let this stop me!!!!!

Have a great Halloween and keep watching and listening as Jess and I try to ruin something else soon.

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