Anytime we can help a fellow Hudson Valley country music fan, we do what we can, when we can and that simple thought is how "We Gotcha Wednesday" was born.

Every Wednesday we save a fan a trip, be it virtually or in office to their therapist by turning the airwaves over to them for a bit to try and get some advice with a situation or problem they are dealing with in their life. Some weeks it can be an extremely tough problem, some weeks not so much, and I think this week, we fall somewhere in between. So join us as we open up our email and grab one we've received recently and let's try to help out.

Here this weeks email....

"I was hoping you guys could help me out with this. My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year with thongs going pretty good. Small problem, his best friend is another girl. Now I have met "Steph" and she's super nice and seems like a great person. I guess her and my boyfriend grew up a few houses from each other and have always been friends since elementary school. Well, now some of my girlfriends are starting to freak me out saying that it's 100% a red flag if your mans best friend is a female. They keep telling me that someone will ALWAYS have feelings for the other and I'll never be 1st as long as shes around. So now I'm confused and am not sure what to think. I don't want to be 2nd place to anyone and want to trust my boyfriend. He really has never given me any reason to think there was more there with "Steph". What do you guys think?"

Being that both Jess and I have awful track records when it comes to relationships, we need your advice this week more than ever!! What would you tell this lady if she was your friend? Call or text us through the Wolf mobile app.

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