The Town of Hyde Park, New York has released an important "Boil Water Notice" which will last for 5 days. Residence affected are asked to immediately start boiling all water until at least Wednesday.

A notice was shared on social media earlier today that an area of Hyde Park, New York has been affected and it requires residents to boil all water before using. The area affected is the entire community of the Fallcreek Mobile Homes.

Boil Water Noticed Issued in Hyde Park New York

Residents of the Fallcreek Mobile Homes Community have been told to boil their water before using it for the next five days. If they have questions or concerns they are asked to contact Chris Lambert of Fallcreek Mobile Homes at (845) 702-6624.

Falls Creek Mobile Park via Google
Falls Creek Mobile Park via Google

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According to the notice, this only affects Fallcreek Mobile Home residences. No other areas in Hyde Park are under this notice

The reason for the notice is a loss of pressure in the system around 3 PM on Thursday. Pressure loss can cause untreated water and harmful microbes to enter the water. The work to correct the issues requires that the system be flushed.

Falls Creek Mobile Park via Google
Falls Creek Mobile Park via Google

The work is expected to take 5 days. Residents will be notified when the water boil notice is lifted. The water will be tested to determine when it is safe to lift the boil notice.

How Long Do You Boil Water During a Boil Water Notice

You must boil your water correctly. The New York State Department of Health instructs you to bring tap water to a rolling boil, boil for at least one minute, and cool before using. Properly boiled water can then be used for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, and preparing food.

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