It's been a long time since the world's worst dentist visit was immortalized in Blake Shelton's 2004 single "Some Beach," but it's clear the singer has never forgotten it.

On Monday (Aug. 27), Shelton posted a subtly hysterical post on social media, showing nothing but the overhead light a patient sees when lying helplessly in the dentist's chair. "Somebeach...Somewhere...shit," he captioned the shot. Apparently the Voice star was having one of those Monday afternoons we all know and love to hate.

In the original song, Shelton sang of a DDS who might need to improve his bedside manner that "stuck that needle down deep in my gum...and he started drillin' before I was numb," resulting in (the cowboy-hatted and mulleted) Shelton wandering out with an amusingly swollen face.

Let's just hope the 2018 Shelton fared a little better with his dental visit this time around... you know, medical advances and all that.

Shelton himself has enjoyed quite a few advances over the past 14 years, not the least of them being his superstar-launching role as a coach on The Voice. His musical career has kept pace as well. To date, Shelton has placed a total of 25 No. 1 hits, including his most recent chart-topper, "I'll Name the Dogs." He's currently dating high-profile pop star Gwen Stefani, which hasn't hurt a bit in regards to keeping him in the spotlight. No wonder he needs to visit the dentist; he's got a lot to smile about.

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