This off ramp is an accident waiting to happen. There's no doubt in my mind that this is the most terrifying exit in our entire region and something needs to be done.

New York state has its fair share of inconsiderate drivers. We can admit that many of them are just plain awful who ignore some of the most basic rules and courtesies. According to Strong Tie Insurance, some of the common causes of vehicle accidents in America are driving while intoxicated, driving while distracted and driving over the speed limit. reported that there is roughly 1,000 motor vehicle deaths per year in New York. There's an exit here in the Hudson Valley that could use some immediate attention before something terrible happens. There's a good chance you know the exit I'm referring to.

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It's the I-84 E exit on Rte 9 South in Fishkill, New York. What makes this exit so scary?

Towards the end of the off ramp is concrete barrier for safety. The issue is that the end has a long curve and the barrier wall is taller than the average car or even small SUV or crossover.

It's nearly impossible to see a long line of stopped cars at the light until it is too late and you physically round the curve. When you're taking this exit you really need to decelerate to low and safe speeds before rounding the curve. Stopped cars can appear quickly and unexpectedly.

Here's a photo of the are for reference. Many others have almost collided due to this tall barrier.

Google Maps

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