One of my favorite tastes from my summers as a kid is the taste of a toasted marshmallow. There is nothing like it. The sticky sweet warm melty center with an outside crust that flakes away and dissolves as you eat it. Marshmallows have a unique taste and untoasted, I am not always a fan. But give me a Jet Puff roasted to the point that you can slided the blacken carmel crust of the googy center and I want to eat them until I bust. So imagine my excitement when I realized that this Thursday is National Toasted Marshmallow Day.

Hopefully all over America this coming Thursday folks will be sitting fireside and enjoying one of the most delicious American pastimes, toasting Marshmallow. I don't think I have ever attend a camp fire where someone wasn't making some type of S'more. Graham Crackers and chocolate all brought together with the melty goodness of a warmed Marshmallow.

As an adult I have learned that there are other ways you can celebrate with a toasted marshmallow and I guess this would be the time I would say get your mind out of the gutter. Instead think of that little pillow of sugar toasted to a golden perfection serving as a vessel for something other that chocolate. Imagine filling it with you favorite adult beverage.  The video below courtesy of Sherry and The Watering Mouth suggested a liquor but I am thinking possibly some Cafe Patron. No matter what you decide to fill your marshmallow shot glass with just remember to celebrate this Thursday with the # tag #NationalToastedMarshmallowDay. If you find a local bar serving these let us know.


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