Whoever is continuing to set off fireworks in the Beacon area of the Hudson Valley has started quite the argument among residents.

One thing that is a must on the 4th of July besides BBQ and friends and family is a great fireworks display, right? Personally, there is nothing I love more this time of year than the smell that wafts through the air after a huge firework display has just been set off. There is nothing more American than that...LOL!! Not everyone enjoys fireworks like we do especially when they are being set off after the holiday and late at night.


Beacon Residents Want the Fireworks to STOP!

Social media websites have given many residents of Hudson Valley towns and cities a place to go and voice their displeasure with many things. We've shared numerous stories of residents that have posted opinions about various things including, sidewalk boxes, what fast food restaurants the town should bring, and much much more. These pages are very entertaining to read and sometimes someone will post something that leads to everyone yelling at each other.

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Enough With the Fireworks

That's what one Beacon resident had to say in the Beacon Facebook group the other day,

To whoever needs to hear this.......
Congratulations, you woke up my infant that I just put to bed. You are successful in terrifying every dog in the neighborhood. EVERY NIGHT.
The holiday is over. People have to work. Stop being so f%$#@ng selfish

A post saying something like this is something that I think many of us who live in the Hudson Valley can relate to as many towns and cities have the same issue. Poughkeepsie, Kingston, and Middletown Facebook groups have had similar posts but none of them got the number of comments from other residents. Some agreed with the post saying,

"I could not agree more. It’s annoying and inconsiderate"


"I agree with you 💯 percent on that I live in Wappingers Falls and almost every night I can hear fireworks enough is enough!"

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Others decided to go the other way saying things like,

"Dear people of the world. This is just not a Beacon issue it’s all Americans, during the month of July. Kids set off fireworks till there all gone, nothing you can do. You gotta deal with it, idk what type of childhood/teen hood you had, but I truly remember not giving a crap but having a good time. People forget quickly what they used to do when they were young. Now you have to deal with what our parents/grandparents went through when we wanted to have a little mischief. Stop posting no one cares, no one wants to hear it."

"1st 4th of July? Its been like this every year since the dawn of ever. Your rant on Facebook isnt likely to even reach the culprit and IF it does, well congrats you've likely amped them up more with your uber karnesque post, not deterred them. 🙄"

"We celebrate the 4th all month long like we celebrate our birthday all month long!"

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Do the fireworks in your town bother you or are you OK with it? Do you have a firework problem in the town you live in? Let us know the town and the story by texting us through our app. We might use your story in a future article.

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