Some residents in the southern part of Orange County, near the New Jersey border, are claiming they heard an explosion Tuesday night. Did you or someone you know hear or feel the blast?

So, what was it? Was it an earthquake? Thunder? Maybe something more sinister? Not quite. However, sources say the blast actually originated nearly thirty miles away, so whatever it was must have been pretty serious.

The West Milford Messenger is reporting that a massive explosion at an empty house in Hardyston Township around 10:30 Tuesday night was felt in many parts of Northern New Jersey and even in some areas of Orange County.

The house is said to be totally obliterated.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The blast was so powerful that it scattered debris and caused structural damage at nearby Wallkill Valley High School. The Messenger says that an investigation is underway, though Hardyston Fire Chief Anthony Ceglia feels that a propane tank located behind the house is the source of the blast. ABC is reporting there are actually two one-hundred pound tanks behind the house, that were partially full when the explosion occurred.

ABC says that there are conflicting reports that whether the family that owned the house was on vacation, or had left the house indefinitely.

Luckily no one was hurt during the blast.

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