So I mentioned the other day, on Saturday I believe that the heat in my car broke and it works but the fan doesn't go on, which means it never gets really that warm.

This isn't really that big of a deal because aside from in the morning, it really hasn't been that cold thankfully.

I would be OK if it was hot because it's easier to have no AC than to have no heat.....that all changed today.

I figured out a way over the weekend to get heat by turning the inside temperature control all the way up to 85, that way it causes the fan to at least turn on enough to get some form of heat.

Today though, for some reason it all changed.  I got in, set the temperature to 85 and left.  All was good and I left work not needing to even worry about the heat.  I had a few stops to make and couldn't figure out why my feet were feeling really hot.

Well, I figured out the reason. The temperature gauge is still at 85, the fan is still running to get it to that temperature but the buttons are off.

It's 85 in my car!  It's raining too so opening the sunroof or the windows and I'm afraid to try and use the AC because who knows what will happen then.

I guess I'd rather have steady heat than no heat or constant AC but this is getting a bit crazy.

Anyone want to take the over and under that it will stop working by the end of the week?

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