Is this something someone should be screamed at for doing? I know that I was and the lady who screamed at me was not happy at all!

Getting gas is not something any of us ever look forward to doing, it's one of the weekly tasks that I actually hate especially this time of year with it being so cold. When a trip to the gas station turns into an argument it only gets worse.

I was driving in Wappingers Falls last Monday night when the gas light on my SUV came on. Like I've done many times, I headed over to Shell gas station on Myers Corners Road (they seem to have the cheapest gas for some reason) and as I pulled in, things got interesting.

First, the station has like 8 gas pumps, and every one of them was occupied by someone getting gas, so I waited until a spot opened up. After a few minutes, a spot opened up and I pulled in. I got out of my truck and started to pump the gas and as I was pumping, I remembered that I needed half and half for my coffee in the morning. So I planned to go into the store after I got done pumping to grab some.

I finish pumping, put the gas cap back on, grabbed my receipt, and headed into the store. Once I got inside I decided to use the restroom. I went, did my business, grabbed my creamer, and went up to the cashier to pay for everything. I've done this many times before so nothing out of the ordinary.

As I walked out of the store and approached my truck, there was a lady standing near the pump looking like she wasn't very happy. As soon as she saw me get closer to the truck, she started yelling at me that I should have some courtesy for everyone else that's waiting to get gas. It sounded something like, "Guy, what kind of JERK leaves their car parked at the pump after they are done pumping!!" There might have been a few swear words in there, but that's what I recall hearing...LOL!

Not wanting to argue with this lady, I apologized to her, got into my truck, and pulled away. I figured instead of arguing I would just defuse the situation and leave, but after I left, I started thinking about how I've done this a million times. Is this not something I should be doing anymore? Admit it, you've done this too right? Am I a jerk for leaving my car at the pump? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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