I don't know about you but I have just about had my fill of holiday candy. A week or so back I wrote about how we have basically had a candy holiday since the end of last year. In late August of 2020 the Halloween candy arrived and it seems that it has been a flood of non stop chocolate ever since. I have never been so over sugar in my life.

The problem is your body gets use to having all that sugar and it is really hard to give it up. You can say you won't buy the candy anymore but then you just end up with some other form of sweet like a donut or a cookie. So how can we break a habit we have been feeding since last Fall? It won't be easy but I have some suggestions below.

If you want my advice do what I plan on doing which is trying them all until one sticks and then hopefully before we get to far into Spring we will have all kicked our candy habit. Good Luck and remember I am right there with you.

6 Things to do to Stop Eating Candy

Since early September we have all been enjoying the "Candy Holidays". It starts with Halloween which runs in to Christmas, then we have Valentine's Day and the last one is Easter. Now that the season isle at the grocery will no linger have a candy theme we need to get back to our non candy routine. Here are 6 things that will help.

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