Calling all junkers it is our time of year. Spring has arrived and with this weekend heading towards sunny and 60 we can count on yard sales being only moments away. I love this time of year. People have been sitting on treasures since the end of last summer. They loaded up the attic or garage and said we will clean it out next spring. Guess what, it's next spring.

Over the next few weeks curbs will be filling up with all kinds of goodies people are ready shed. Some of us who live for this time of year will be out looking for that pile with the sign made of card board that says those wonderful four letters "FREE". Others of us will be scouring Craigslist for the latest yard sale postings. No matter what, the slumbering junker in all of us is bound to be awakened this weekend and all I can say to you is "happy hunting" and "I hope I get there first".


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