I don't know about you but when it comes to Christmas movies, every year 'A Christmas Story' is a must watch in my house.

Since getting married, it's on non stop from Christmas Eve until football comes on Christmas Day with a few exceptions of wrapping presents and opening presents.

It's a classic movie, one of my all time favorites and gave us so many catch phrases like:

  • 'You'll shoot your eye out kid'
  • Fag-ill-ee.  It must be Italian'

and the list goes on and on.

Probably the most famous "scenes' in the movie are the leg lamp and the bunny costume.

Well, now that leg lamp has officially become larger than life.

The house from the movie is located in Cleveland, OH and now features a 20-foot inflatable leg lamp.

This is the newest addition to the house display, replacing the 20-foot inflatable Ralphie Bunny Costume.

A picture can be seen on their official Twitter Page HERE

It may not be pretty but I would love one of those in my front yard.  i"m not sure my wife would be on bored though.




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