I am never really sure how they come up the National Days. Some are obvious but some just leave me thinking, why? That is how I feel about this Friday being National Gingerbread Day. It just seems weird this time of year to enjoy Gingerbread. Now before you go thinking that we are talking Gingerbread men or houses let me stop you by saving they each have their own National Day. Gingerbread Cookie day is in November and National Gingerbread House day is in December. So this Friday is just about the bread.

Even though I said it seemed weird, I didn't say I was going to complain. Why? Because I love ginger everything. Ginger Snaps are my favorite cookie. Ginger Ale has always been my soda of choice. And one of my favorite signature cocktails I created is the Mule Martini that is made with Ginger wine. So on Friday if I can find some fresh gingerbread at a local bakery I will be getting a loaf to go with some ginger tea.

Ginger is a tasty spice in baked goods but it is also good for you in certain amounts. Web MD online breaks down the facts about ginger.

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