His name is Trent Harris and he can rock the National Anthem like no other two year old on earth. Actually he puts some adults to shame as well. He is the son of Clark and Jessica Harris. Last Tuesday he went to his dad's hometown High School in Manahawkin New Jersey and sang a word - perfect version of the Star Spangled banner in front of 100 basketball fans who were attending the game.

Trent's dad Clark is a longsnapper for the Cincinnati Bengals and his mom Jessica is a choreographer and dancer. Trent will obviously be the singer in the family. I have a feeling that this is just the first of many opportunities Trent will have to sing the National Anthem in public. Watch as Trent's dad walks him out and then once Trent is underway dad just backs off and let's him sing.

I think the judges on The Voice would give him high marks on making it his own. I think all of us would give him credit for knowing every word. And I think we will see Trent out there somewhere real soon, NASCAR, Baseball or even for The President. Now all of our homework is to see if we could do the same.


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