Everyone lost on Sunday.

Super Bowl 53 came and went and we were all left underwhelmed.

While most people were picking boxes for the game to try and make a little money, me and CJ were discussing ways to make the other hate themselves. For the past three years we've been betting on the length of the National Anthem.

It all started the year Luke Bryan took on the Anthem. And we've followed up every year.

The wager this year was that the loser would have to stand in the snow for however long it took Gladys Knight to perform.

CJ took the over 1 minute and 47 seconds and I took the under. Gladys clearly is out for me because it took  her 2 minutes and 2 seconds to belt out the Anthem (she did an amazing job, but I'm a sore loser).

So I took my bare feet and headed outside for the worst two minutes of my life.

Here's to taking the over next year!


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