I'm not saying it's aliens but it's definitely aliens.

Ok, I know they weren't made by aliens but they definitely look like they could be. You've got to admit that your artwork is unique if it looks like it's out of this world.

Does anyone know what these things mean and who put them here?

I'll admit I don't get out to Orange County as much as I'd like to. My trips have been even more limited since the pandemic. During my most recent visit to the Newburgh and Montgomery area I saw something spectacular.

I passed 7 massive and insanely detailed pieces of art near 17K. I had never seen these before and I have never seen anyone post pictures of them so I had to share. They are simply stunning.

They look like something straight from an alien planet but I know there is a much more simple explanation as to what they are and who put them there.

They were all placed on a property directly across from what appeared to be a recycling plant. However, I can't confirm that as I'm not too familiar with the area.

If you have any idea who put these here and what they mean please reach out and let me know.

7 Apocalyptic Art Pieces Near 17K That Looks Like Aliens Made Them


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