There will be lots of talk about kissing over the next day or two. Even Kay Jewelers' little jingle "Every Kiss Begins with Kay" is stuck in my head. The kiss is the magical part of romance. Other wise it wouldn't be in so many fairy tales. Prince Charming kissing Snow White, Prince Somebody (can't remember his name) kissing Sleeping Beauty. Oh yeah and this year we add a new kiss to the pile thanks to Mr Grey. But out of all the kisses my favorite is where the Princess has to kiss the Frog so he can become a human Prince again.

So while the entire world is storming the local multiplex to see 50 Shades of Grey, may I suggest a lighter film with great music, lots of giggles and yes kissing, Disney's 2009 The Princess and the Frog. I just caught it again the other night on the Disney channel. I was channel surfing, some nights the DVR just fails you. As soon as I turned it on I was hooked, again. New Orleans, Voodoo, a red neck fire fly, great music and of course a Disney feel good lesson.

Yes, I can be a giant child and I have an addiction to animation. Don't even get me started on Minions. So why am I suggesting a Disney Movie over the adult movie choice of the weekend? Simple I can't possibly sit in a public theater and watch Mr Grey. I read the book. It would be weird to experience all the "kissing" in a public place. I waited until 9 1/2 weeks came out on VHS. I can wait for 50 Shades to be On Demand. Keeping it Light for Valentines Day. Eat lots of Chocolate!

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