Spring in the Hudson Valley means lots of frogs and turtles. With the weather turning a bit cold again the peepers have retreated to warmer mud. The turtles however have been stealing the little bits of sunshine they can get on logs that straddle their aquatic homes.

Drive past any Hudson Valley pond, wetland, stream or kill while the sun is shimming and you will see the familiar bums on the logs. The turtles love to sun themselves and get warm while they wait for warmer temperatures and their friends.

If you are curious about frog, turtles and other spring amphibians the Mohonk Preserve is offering a class you might want to sign up for this week. On Sunday (April 25, 2021) They are hosting Waterbugs, Turtles and Tad Poles at the Testimonial Gateway Trailhead - Pin Oak Alley Summerhouse.

The program presented by the preserve is hosted by the Preserve's Seasonal Environmental Educator Penny Adler-Colvin. it will run from 10 AM to 11:30 AM and is free to attend but your preserve membership or day pass is required to participate.

This hour-plus-long introduction to pond life in the Hudson Valley will be enjoyable for all ages. You will learn about the different creatures and how they can help us understand the environment including water quality of our area ponds and wetlands. Children are welcome but must be with an adult.

If you are interested in other programs that the Mohonk Preserve will be offering this Spring be sure to check out their calendar.

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