Did your place make the list?

If you're old enough to have kids today, like me, one of the things I wish I could share with them is the places that we would always go out to dinner when I was younger. I feel like they have no idea what they're missing, right?

We had so many better choices for a family meal back in the day in the area, then we have today. I'll put up a night out with the family at a Ground Round against any restaurant that's out there today! When I was like 8 or 9, at least once a month we would all pile in the car at head to the same Ground Round in Long Island. You remember Ground Round right? It was the place, where on certain nights they would let kids pay their weight for their meal. So if you weighed 60 pounds, I think dinner was like 60 cents or something like that. It was also the first place I can remember going that allowed everyone to throw peanut shells on the floor while they ate. I know there was one that I would go to all the time when I lived in Kingston at the Hudson Valley mall.

Another place I LOVED as a kid was Ponderosa. My mom would always take us to the one that was on the way to the grocery store in Hudson. It was similar to another favorite, Sizzler, where you could get a quick family style meal. When I was low on cash, I always went to the Sizzler on RT 9W in Kingston for a descent meal....LOL!

Two other places my grandma would always take me for a quick bite as a kid was Roy Roger's and Jack in the Box. Both fast food places that had AWESOME sandwiches. Thanks to Susan, who texted us that there's still a Roy Rogers at the Plattekill rest stop on the New York State Thruway.

So the five I have are:

Ground Round
Roy Rogers
Jack in the Box

What places should we add to the list? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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