Brownies make an awesome dessert anytime of year. There is nothing like the softy chocolaty center of a fresh made brownie. Brownies also make a great platform for all kinds of treats. I prefer mine to come with a spoonful of ice cream and a heaping drizzle of caramel, but the cool thing about a brownie dessert is the sky is the limit.

With Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be fun to look up some cool Halloween brownies recipes that I could share with you. I found three I think will be delicious fun for your Halloween celebration.

First you can enjoy your brownie as a tasty grave site complete with a tombstone and a pumpkin.

If this looks a bit labor intensive there is always the Ghost Brownie. Remember there is no need to bake brownies if you have a pre-made brand you enjoy.

And Halloween Brownies would not be complete without a monster version.

Happy Halloween


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