Let's face it, usually the most fun you'll have at a Giants or Jets game is the pre-game tailgate, but you have to ask yourself one question, are you prepared to make it epic?

So you've got yourself some tickets to see the Giants, or Jets, or maybe your heading to Stoors for a UConn Huskies game, or to West Point to check out Army play, it really doesn't matter what game your seeing, it needs to start with an epic pre-game tailgate. Now this doesn't mean just packing a few sandwiches and a six pack, it means making it an epic event, one that will be talked about for weeks to come. However in order to pull this off you need some stuff, and it better be impressive.

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So we've compiled a list of ten different items that could put you in the tailgate Hall of Fame. Just so you know, there's no food or beverages on this list because thats a very personal choice, this list is comprised of just items, some you may already have or be using. There's also some products that have that "oh wow" factor. So check it out, and get ready to impress your friends with 10 items you'll need to make your next tailgate epic.

10 Things You'll Need To Make Your Next Tailgate Epic

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