We hope more than anything that this is a question you need to ask yourself soon.

If you're anything like us and only really play any lotto games when the jackpots are really big, Friday's Mega Millions jackpot has reached the, "We Gotta Play" level. At last check the estimated jackpot for Friday January 22nd, is $970 million.

We're grabbing our tickets later today and are pretty confident that someone from the Hudson Valley is going to cash in bigtime! Positive VIBES!!! After you pick yourself up off the floor or peel yourself off of the ceiling after you find out you won, would you quit your job?

Jess said she would take sometime off, but after she got used to be a millionaire she would come back to work. I would take some time and do everything in my power to buy the radio station and come in and do some sort of show with Jess everyday, just maybe not start as early as we do now...LOL!

The Hudson Valley was pretty split on how they would handle their jobs after winning. What would you do? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

You Won the Lottery, Do You Quit Your Job?

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