I consider myself lucky that I get to live in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Not just because of the gorgeous views and easy ride to either the city or the country.

The Hudson Valley is also home to a handful of Drive In movie theaters. When I tell friends from out of town that I have two options, in Dutchess County, when it comes to Drive In's they're shocked.

With that being said, this time of year is when most Drive In theaters start closing their doors for the season due to the chilly temperatures and possibility of snow (hey, it's happened in October before).

The Overlook Drive In on DeGarmo Road in Poughkeepsie is still running for the 2018 season and has one of the largest screens in the tri-state area, according to their Facebook page.

The Drive In during the month of October is great especially if there's a terrifying horror movie being released. And we're in luck.

Starting Friday October 19th and running until October 28th, you can catch the latest installment of the Michael Myers series "Halloween" along side "Night School" with Kevin Heart and Tiffany Haddish.

What can get scarier than a dark, chilly October night watching Halloween? Not much, unless of course Michael Myers walks out of the woods while you're watching...

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