Are there words that you use every day that make you sound old?

This happens to me on a regular basis especially when I'm talking to my kids. I always seem to use words that make me sound old. For example, I always say "Dang it" and my kids make fun of me. Listen I'm trying to be a good parent and not swear!!!

What words do you think to make us sound old?

We had a bunch of people call the show this morning with some great words to put on our list of old words. Words like:

Dial (when talking about the phone)
Awesome Sauce
Cool Beans

Jess told us that when she is talking about watching TV, she calls the shows she watches her "programs" and then her Mom checked in to give us a word that I have never heard of before. She told us the word "THOT," which is short for "That ___ over there" The blank is also a popular gardening tool, LOL!

Do you have a word to add to our list? Leave us a comment on Facebook.

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