If you think eating mayonnaise out of a jar is disgusting this is going to really make your stomach turn over a few times.

I was searching around online last night looking for stuff to talk about on the show and I came across this video, that has gone viral and after watching it a few times I can see why. Its just WRONG!

If you haven't seen the video on ESPN's Twitter page, it shows a couple of female fans at the Detroit Pistons versus Sacramento Kings game Monday night sitting in their seats and as the cameras scanned the crowd the women made it on to the jumbotron, probably because they were holding up a jar of Best Food’s mayonnaise and eating huge spoonfuls of it.

Here is the video...

According to the New York Post, the women have not confirmed whether or not it was actually mayonnaise in that jar. It kinda looks like pudding or yogurt to me. What do you think?

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