We ❤ Wappinger and Wappingers Falls!

We start up the work week every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, by wheeling in our "Wheel O' Towns". The wheel stands 3 feet tall and consists of twenty spaces that each have a Hudson Valley town name on them. Each Monday we open the phones at 6:45 a.m. for you to call us, and pick a town, Jess then gives it a spin, and if it lands on the town you pick, we hook you up with a gift card.

We welcomed Joanne on the show this week to give the wheel a spin, she picked Wurtsboro....why Wurtsboro? She said because she felt it would be lucky because, "that's where my granddaughter lives." Well it didn't land on Wurtsboro, whoomp, whoomp, but it did land a town starting with a W....Wappinger....LOL! So Joanne didn't win, but you can!! At 4:50 p.m. today, text us "Wappinger" through the Wolf app and we'll pick one text at random for a $25 gift card to AJ's Café in Wappingers Falls.

What ever town the wheel picks each week, we'll share some interesting things about the town all week long, for example, it's Wappinger not Wappingers, but as far as information goes, we'll recognize Wappinger, and Wappingers Falls this week...LOL.

Heather texted us that, "Many people don't know that Wappingers has it's very own airport." Yes it does, the Hudson Valley Reginal Airport is located off of Route 376. Bobby texted us a piece of history, he said, "The Village of Wappingers Falls police station used to be a post office that was designed by FDR."

According to Wikipedia, Wappinger comprises three-fourths of the incorporated Village of Wappingers Falls, several unincorporated hamlets such as Chelsea, Diddell, Hughsonville, Middlebush, Myers Corners, New Hackensack, and Swartwoutville, and a number of neighborhoods. The most popular roads that run through Wappinger include, Route 9 - Route 9D - Route 376, and Route 82.

If you have something that you'd like to recommend in Wappinger, or Wappingers Falls please text us through the Wolf app.

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