A witch's broom is a great mystery and a great prize. As an accessory it is quite handy. You are always ready to sweep away a mess but that apparently wasn't the only use of a broom.The Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard or Oz was done in by her own broom being used as a torch or at least the water it took to put the fire out.

Melting aside most witches use their broom for good. Witches who were healers were known to use their brooms to hide the herbs they used in their healing processes that way know one would catch them with their magic.

The idea that witch's flew on their brooms originates from the tales of witch's using natural hallucinogenic oils while dancing with brooms. It is believed that witches often got so entranced with the natural herb oil that they applied to the brooms that actually believed that they flew great distances.

So that is the lore, but truth is their is nothing like a well made corn broom when it comes to straightening up around the house. I am not a fan of the plastic broom that you find in most cleaning closets these days. Whether you are cleaning up inside or out a good old fashion broom will always do the trick.

Homemade Halloween cookies, witch's broom cup cakes
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And for a quick Halloween treat whip up some Reese's Pretzel Broom while you wait for Trick or Treaters.

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