I know its only the beginning of October, but before we know it winter will be here.

Every upcoming winter season I always say, "I hope this winter won't be a bad one, please be a mild one."

A few years ago, my grandma mentioned to me that there are a few old wives tales out there about how to tell if the winter season will be harsh or not.

Heres what she mentioned:

1) If the leaves fall quickly, it's a sign of a bad winter.

2) If we have a warm fall, it's a sign of a mild winter.

3) If a deer has a heavy coat of fur, it's a sign of bad winter,

4) If their coat is lighter and not as heavy, it's a sign of a mild winter.

5) If the birds migrate early, it's a sign of a bad winter ahead.

I will cling to ANY sign in hopes of a mild winter.

I'm very curious have you heard of any of these? Do you know of any old wives tales about winter? Drop a comment below if you do, I'd love to hear more and I'm hoping to hear more about mild signs.


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