2020 has certainly been the year of all things virtual. When we had to go into lock down this past spring the idea of having happy hour with your friends over a computer was pretty far fetched. Now meeting with friends, family and co-workers is all about your computer.

However you virtually contact people these days doesn't really matter because at least it has give all of us a way to stay connected. So what about our devices especially our lap tops. Has you computer been spruced up lately? I not talking about simply cleaning the keyboard and the screen, I am talking about you actual desk top.

Well let me rephrase I am talking about your actual virtual desktop. When was the last time your organized it and cleared away the clutter.. All these virtual meetings and chats have probably led to you having excess on your laptop's desktop.

This coming Monday, October 19th, happens to be National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day. I can't think of a better way to start the third Monday in October. National Clean you virtual desktop day is celebrated every year on the third Monday of October. All of those icons cluttering your view making it confusing to find anything that right in front of you on the screen can all be clean up this Monday.

Let's face it you probably haven't had to clean up much at your actual office desk this year so why not concentrate on the virtual desk. It could make work next week flow a lot easier if you aren't wasting time hunting things down on you computer screen. I may even have your computer working better when your all done. So get ready to delete unused icons and erase cookies on Monday first thing when you log on.



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