Get ready to shop this Friday at some of the best stores in the Hudson Valley. Friday is National Thrift Shop Day and there is only one way I can think to celebrate and that is shop, shop, shop til you drop. Thrift Stores can be hiding the most amazing treasures. Very often they are the store that has just what you've been looking for and here the added bonus they usually benefit a good cause.

Donating items to a thrift store is a great idea when you are downsizing or doing a little clutter cleaning. Shopping at a thrift store is a great idea when you just want to browse and save a little money. We are fortunate in the Hudson Valley that we have a lot of thrift stores. Some are associated with local churches such as Twiced Blessed in New Paltz. Some benefit animals like Happy Paws in Saugerties. No matter who they benefit you can always count on a thrift store to be a place you can enjoy hunting for a treasure.

The best way to find thrift stores is to drive through towns and check down side street. Always go off the beaten path. Some of the best stores are really tucked away.  It's almost like they are a secret. See those of us who frequent thrift stores for a living try to keep the good ones a secret for as long as we can. Of course that not really possible because the reality is the secret is already out. Just about everyone knows about thrift stores but the question is do they know about all of them.

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