It may be because I love to hunt down antiques around every corner. It could also be that I am always looking for something from the past instead of the latest version or newest technology. I am an avid thrift store shopper. I love to walk into a store that is not only offering me a deal but the chance to find something you can't find on the rack at your local Home Goods.

Thrift stores dot the Hudson Valley and very often benefit a great cause. It may be an animal shelter or a church. It could also be Habit for Humanity or the Good Will . One thing they all have in common is they offer you the opportunity to find a treasure you can find in a store that is selling things that are new.

This coming Monday August 17th, is National Thrift Stop Day which makes this weekend the perfect time to scout out your local thrift stores and plan a shopping trip. IF you aren't sure were to find a thrift store near you the internet can offer a variety of locations. I bet if you think about it though you know exactly where there is a shop near you.

I would give you a list of stores I like to shop at but the rule is we never tell where you can find a good deal and good stuff. You must do the leg work on your own in order to be worthy of the deal and the goodies you can buy  when you thrift. If you like yard sales you are going to love a good thrift shop day.

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