I am in love with my hot water heater.

Sounds crazy? Please, make no mistake, I think I am!
About two weeks ago, I took the coldest shower (and probably quickest) of my life. I spoke with my plumber who told me not to panic, just yet. But since I did not have water leaking from the water heater, to check my breakers to make sure that none of them had flipped (they hadn’t) but I wanted to be positive (and cheap) so I flipped the breakers, and waited 24 hours.

Still cold.

Then the research began. I looked for a equivalent of my 40 gallon water heater, and was amazed at the prices. “Really? That is ridiculous!”

You may or may know that I am what my friends call a tree hugger, I recycle, I re-use containers till they fall apart, and look for any way possible pretty much to save money long term. Save money now!!! I think that I am cheap. Frugal. Money conscious.

So when searching for water heaters I started looking for point of use heaters, and figured the conversion would be way out of my league. Then I started seeing ones that had up to “$700 in rebates”. Yes the initial outlay of money was a bit more. But I had no idea that Central Hudson would give me $400 for purchasing and installing a super energy efficient water heater. I knew CH had a program where if I had a fridge or freezer that I wasn’t using, they would pick it up and I would get some sort of small credit.


But $400? Now you have my attention. Plus $300 federal tax credit? And in effort to get even more savings, I found one of these “50 gallon gems” on sale and convinced my father to go with me so I could use his “military discount” at the local big box hardware store.

It was installed the next day, and I have left it on “heat pump mode” (which is supposedly the most energy efficient setting). With the discounts and “rebates” this $1200 water heater will net out at $200. Will the energy savings be worth it? Not sure yet, because I haven’t got my rebate from Central Hudson yet, nor have I done my 2013 taxes, and I have a credit card that is waiting to be paid off. What I do have? Lots and lots and lots of hot water. :-)