It's a question that I think we ask around this time of year.

We started talking on the air today about who we are supposed to tip this time of year with the holidays here and all. I brought it up to make sure that I'm not the guy that doesn't tip the right people. So we came up with a list of the people we should tip, they include:

Building superintendent or apartment building staff, barber or hairstylist, pool cleaners, garbage collectors, house cleaners, car mechanic, newspaper delivery people, landscapers and your mailman. They say that $20 is about how much we should give to most of them.

Those are just some of the suggestions that were called in to the show today. Did we miss any? Let us know on Facebook so we can make sure to add them to our list and if you have a job where you don't normally get tipped but feel you should at Christmas let us know about that job as well.

If you need help starting that list we can start at radio DJ.....kidding of course.....I should probably tip you for listening to us every day, I know at times it can be painful!

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