Want to do something weird in New York this weekend?

Fire Underneath Elevated Train Tracks Cause Major Disruptions Into New York Grand Central
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Who wouldn't right? Well, this isn't super spooky or strange but unique and all you have to do is take a train ride. Grand Central Station is full of New York history. It also has it's secrets. There are secret bars, a hidden railroad cars and tracks for FDR's trips to the city and apparently a whispering gallery.

Allegedly, there is an unmarked arch in Grand Central station over by the Oyster bar where you can whisper while facing the wall and can be heard across the way. Hearing a whisper at any point while visiting Grand Central seems ridiculous considering the constant hustle and bustle but according to several reports it actually works. There's a story on NYCGo.Com that claims Charles Mingus, a famous jazz artist, proposed to his wife at the "whispering gallery." How romantic.

Get out of the Hudson Valley for a bit and take a scenic train ride to Grand Central Station to share secrets with your friends or maybe a total stranger.

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