Is there a place that you just can't stand going to?

If you think about it, as adults we have to do a lot of things we really don't like doing. Like paying bills, getting up for work, grocery shopping just to name a few.

I think we all have one place that we just can't stand going to. Some people will go as far as saying that this place is hell on earth. Do you have an establishment that when you enter it you feel like you just entered hell on earth?

As I mentioned on the show this morning for me, every two weeks I am in charge of making the trip to BJ's wholesale club to grab a bunch of things. Like I said on the air, it has nothing to do with the workers at BJ's it has everything to do with how long it takes to get cold cuts sliced at the deli counter. Every time I go I always seem to get stuck behind the person that orders 35 different types of sliced meat and cheese's. It never fails, I always wait at least 20 minutes to place my order and the only thing that keeps me from blowing a gasket is that when they slice your meat at BJ's, they give you a slice to eat while you wait. Love it!!

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