Some of these stories are priceless!

We got talking on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show about that woman who was stuck in the luggage compartment of a Peter Pan bus the other day. The bus was traveling from New York to Boston and the woman who was stuck had to call 911 to get police to pull the bus over and get her out. Police did just that and also arrested the bus driver after they rescued the woman.

That got us thinking about the last time we ever got stuck somewhere. Jess reminded us that she got stuck in the bathroom of a hotel in Lake George back when she was three. The local fire department had to be called to get her out.

We got a ton of text messages with some great stories including:

Debbie wrote, "My best friend had a sofa day she said "wonder if you can close me inside" so...her sister and I closed it with her in it lmao....then the phone rang (yes the landline) and we were like should we get her out or answer the phone??? By this time she is pleading we get her out! We still laugh about it to this day!"

Alli wrote, "About people getting stuck - when we were kids, my brother was climbing a tree in the backyard. a few feet up the trunk of the tree, the trunk split and formed a V and had 2 semi large trunks. well, he fell climbing and his thigh got stuck in the V. with his other leg he could just barely touch the ground with his toes. he couldn't get unstuck. he screamed for help and we couldn't hear him from the house, but through the woods behind the house is a factory, and one of the workers heard him and found him and called 911. the fire dept had to use the jaws of life to separate the tree trunks and get him out 😂😂 Max, if you're listening, sorry!"

Bryan wrote, "I one time was stuck in a hallway in an apartment complex with fire doors for the exits. It was during the summer so it was super hot. After hours I had to take my shirt off and I wasn’t found until a mailman came to deliver the mail. He found me on the ground, hot and hyperventilating. Thank god for the mail."

Have you ever been stuck? Call, text or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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