Sometime the stars align. The world works in some mysterious ways that sets us up for a perfect day in the Hudson Valley.

So what if it's a little cold today. It's National Margarita Day! What a glorious way to head into a weekend, with a chilled salty, or sweet, margarita in your hand.

Of course chain restaurants like Chili's, Applebee's and Margarita's will have deals on our favorite adult beverage. Who can pass up two for one margs in a mug at Chili's? I know I can't.

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But the Hudson Valley is home to some home town Margaritas.

Mexicali Blu in both New Paltz and Wappingers has a long list of specialty Margarita's like their Mexicali Margarita and Spicy Jalapeno Margarita.

Then there's the new hot spot in Newburgh, Hudson Taco. They have specialty cocktails and margs that you've probably day dreamed about. Hudson Taco offers a Blood Orange Ginger Margarita and a Baby Blue Margarita that's sprinkled with fresh blueberries.

Sign me up.

Where do you get your favorite Margarita in the Hudson Valley? Let us know, because I'm ready to try them all.

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