The leaves are starting to turn and the weather has a slight chill in the air. Fall has arrived in the Hudson Valley.

When you're planning out your fall festive weekends, pumpkin picking has to be at the top of this list right?

When Does Pumpkin Picking Season Start in the Hudson Valley?

So when can you head out to the patches and pick out your seasonal gourd? According to, the New York harvest for pumpkins begins on September 15th. They do add that you should check with your favorite farm if pumpkin picking is an option.

With that being said, the most active time for pumpkin picking in the Hudson Valley runs from October 1st through the 15th.


Is There a Pumpkin Shortage in the Hudson Valley This Year?

The drought this summer was hard on all of us, but it definitely hurt our Hudson Valley farms and orchards. Experts are predicting that while there will be enough pumpkins to go around, 2022's pumpkin harvest will be smaller in size.

Make sure to get out early in the season to get your choice of prime pumpkins in your favorite Hudson Valley pumpkin patch.

How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

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There's always some kind of hack when it comes to picking the right fruits and veggies. So there should be a secret to picking out the perfect pumpkin, right? Of course! Kansas State University Research and Extension write:

A fresh pumpkin should be solid to the touch. Avoid ones that have soft spots or sunken areas, as decay has already set in. Selecting good quality produce will ensure that your autumn display will be long lasting. High quality pumpkins have a firm, hard rind and are generally rich orange in color.

Seems like common knowledge, but a reminder doesn't hurt.


Pumpkin Season Has Arrived in the Hudson Valley

Now with all of that being said, we noticed many Hudson Valley farms and orchards have announced that u-pick apples and pumpkins are ready for your picking pleasure. So we created a list of 31 popular pumpkin patches across the Valley. Some of which are nominated for national awards!

Did your favorite make the list below? If it didn't, text us through the station's mobile app and we'll make sure to add it to the list.

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