I'm going to be flat out honest. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

New Years, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, they're all well and good but Thanksgiving is hands down the best holiday. It's the one day of the year where you're able to eat and drink as much as the person next to you. There's football and parades and it's kicks off the holiday season.

There are many arguments about what is the "right way" to do Thanksgiving. Is it just a Turkey on the table? Or do you have Ham too? Either way, the real debate is what is the best side dish. I myself am a fan of Green Bean Casserole. It took years for me to even taste a Green Bean casserole but now it's my favorite. Are you a mashed potato fan? Or more of a Stuffing supporter? (I love stuffing, but never with raisins. Gross.)

Thanks to the easy recipes from Tasty I found a really unique way to enjoy Green Bean casserole. Muffins. Such a cool concept, take a look:


My mouth is actually watering. What is your go to side dish for Thanksgiving? Let us know on Facebook.