The Hudson Valley's #NoFilter List
BuzzFeed tricked me into reading one of their promotional articles. However, it ended up inspiring me. Where are you favorite #NoFilter spots in the Hudson Valley?
The Catskills Makes Underrated Food Cities List
Did you ever think that the Catskills would make a Best Food List? Buzzfeed has been out and about working hard to find hidden gems across the US and the foodie in all of us should be thanking them. Here are the places that we should be checking out.
Let’s Talk Leftovers
As a 20-something BuzzFeed and Pinterest are my go to for gift ideas, news and most important, recipes. This week, both sites have been stepping up their game in preparation for Thanksgiving. Now, I haven't had to cook a full Thanksgiving meal yet in my life, but I know how to rock the leftover…