Car or Crap?

The other day on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we learned that over 70 percent of people that have a house with a garage don't use the garage for the car.

If you have a garage at your house, what do you use it for? Do you park the car in it every day when you come home from work? Or are you one of those people that has a ton of various "crap" in the garage right now?

I don't have a garage anymore but when I did, it was a two car garage and we used one side for one of the cars and the other side was the side I would put most of my DJ equipment when I wasn't using it.

It was also the side that all of my extra crap went. Everything from boxes, bins, lawn mowers, leaf blower, shovels, rakes, any furniture that we didn't use in the house. I mean EVERYTHING went to "my" side of the garage to die. LOL!

How do you use your garage space? Join our lighting poll, "Your Garage: Car or Crap?". Call the show at 845-473-9431 or you can leave your answer on our Facebook page.

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